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What are you reading Now?

What are you Reading Now
I am reading Steve Waugh’sThe Meaning of Luck” and it only just twigged with me, having picked this book up cheap from an Op shop, that he has written several books.

So because Steve is one of my favourite Australian cricketers, I looked them up.  He published “No Regrets: A Captain’s Diary” in 1999 and “Out of my Comfort Zone” in 2005, before publishing the title that I’m currently reading, in 2013.

It is “No Regrets” that I really would like to read (but when I picked up “The Meaning of Luck” of course I hadn’t remembered what his book titles were).   It’s not like me at all to read a series of books out of sequence, but this time around I will.   I remember telling someone off at work for reading the 2nd book in A Streetcat named Bob series first, so now I will “eat my words”.

However, I really do have no regrets reading Steve’s 3rd book first (even if it covers previous events in his life, because I know that he writes logically, without inferring that one has to read one of his other books first to make sense of the “Meaning of Luck”) and the truth is that I don’t know when I will get to read “No Regrets”.

So many books to read


On my wish-list to read are:

  1. Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens  (yes I loved Dickens when I was a kid and haven’t read this one yet)
  2. Michael Crichton books (can’t believe I haven’t read any of them)  – see a good review of 7 of his books here.  I loved the movie “Sphere” and will put the book, Sphere, on my Birthday Gifts list (September)
  3. Out on a Limb (and other books) by Shirley MacLaine

Won’t you share what YOU are

reading right now ?


Credit to Lewis Carroll for the Dance!

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  1. I am replying to myself, not because I’m strange, but of course, to update this “thread”. I am still reading Steve Waugh’s book, because I’ve been busy with this and that, PLUS I have also read another whole book in between. That book was “Negotiating without Negotiating – an introvert’s guide to getting more and stressing less” of which I have just posted a Book Review on this site.

    Not only was that reading interspersed with the Waugh book, but I also began reading a Kindle book about bee-keeping in Australia. I have many interests and can easily juggle and prioritise what I do. If you need an editorial review of a short book done soon, and can provide me with a copy of the book, I will probably be able to fast-track reading and reviewing it.


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