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7 Thoughts to Live Your Life By: A Guide to the Happy, Peaceful, & Meaningful Life

I found this book to be magical.


7 Thoughts to Live Your Life By:  A Guide to the Happy, Peaceful, & Meaningful Life by I. C. Robledo, reviewed by Celine

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When I saw the title of this book, I thought “Another book about how thoughts can change our lives”, but this book is different.

I found this book to be magical.

The author inspires and encourages the reader tremendously by first sharing his personal story about his need to find a different way of living, and provides concrete (and some confronting) examples from real-life, and hypothetically, to explain the seven thoughts.

It is well worth going through this entire book, which may be longer than other books on similar topics, but there is a logical flow to the 7 thoughts; and each Thought builds upon the former thoughts in an amazing way.

This is the first general self-help book that I have personally read, which knits or links together the type of thoughts that every person, no matter what their circumstances, can use, in order to navigate through Life, without creating pit-falls or “muddying the waters” through their own thoughts and actions.

Issac Robledo provides activities and summaries, that reinforce what you are reading; because creating your own Life with purpose, success and happiness requires action, not passivity.  I completed the activities and share some below.

To Don’t List

  • Don’t put myself down.
  • Don’t give up so easily.
  • Don’t stop believing in Life.
  • Don’t get lost.
  • Don’t stop being brave.
  • Don’t let others ruin my day.
  • Don’t over-spend.


  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Authenticity
  • Kindness
  • Spirituality

Of course, there are no “right” or “wrong” answers when compiling such lists.  The aim is to make concrete what is really important to you, in your own terms.  I am delighted to say that this book has definitely helped me to address my “Don’t” list.

I looked at the 7 thoughts to discover that there were 2 thought systems, numbers 4 & 6, which I needed to follow.  To find out what they are, if you want to, you will have to read the book.


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

I called this book “magical” and that is because I love reading, and had a few breaks when reading this book.  Every time I came back to the book, there were many thoughts rushing through my mind, like “Should I buy this or should I buy that” and then I would read the next part of Issac’s book.

It was like my own personal teacher talking to me!  For example, the book asked me to think, do I really need that thing?  Slowly but surely it dawned upon me that I know that I love pretty things and new things, but NO I don’t need that Champagne Bubble Bath that I saw online at Target.  I have all my material needs met, but still have some spiritual needs to be met.

This deep realisation was built upon my reading and understanding Thought number 4.  After I absorbed Thoughts 1 to 6, I was then able to understand and apply Thought number 7.  As a sneak preview of this latter thought, I consider myself already a “giving” person, but had to realise that I have the need for self-esteem to be fulfilled, before being able to give to others what I feel that I would like to give.

My needing self-esteem or self-worth is largely itself built upon Thoughts 1 to 3.

This book left me feeling cheery, calm and in control of my own Life.  More than this, because the content is so holistic (or every word in this book is well worth reading and ties in with all the other content), if you understand the thoughts and their application, and if you have NOT been aware of and have not been genuinely using these 7 thoughts, then this book will definitely help you.

Our thoughts really are like rivers, that may wander, meander or trickle or rush.  Sometimes our thoughts flow nicely, and all is in order and is nurtured.  This book is different to other self-help books about managing your own thoughts, because this book presents the information in a multi-dimensional perspective.  Others give the principles flatly or one dimensionally, meaning they are really like orders or commands, but with no unifying substance.

This is the best general self-help book that I have read.  Thank you Issac!



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