Editorial service for unpublished non-fiction

If you have an un-published work of non-fiction up to 30,000 words, I offer a paid editing service which includes Developmental editing and Copy Editing.  I also offer a free service which is about reviewing PUBLISHED books (fiction and non-fiction, preferably non-fiction).  For the latter, please look  here  for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: as at May 2020 I am no longer accepting published non-fiction or fiction works to review for free, due to other commitments.

If you are thinking about publishing a book, you will need to make sure that there are no spelling or grammar errors or inconsistencies in your book before publishing it.  This is very important because it will be difficult to sell a book which has errors in it.

Your friends may gloss over spelling and grammar in your books, and just give you feedback on whether they like the content of your book.  Spell-checker does not pick up errors that a a trained “eye” will find. Feedback from a human being who loves reading and who has excellent grammar and spelling skills is second to none.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editors look at a manuscript’s big-picture items. This encompasses suggestions to improve clarity, structure, or the soundness of a work.  Consistency with vocabulary and concepts is looked at, as is whether the order or arrangement of chapters or elements is logical, reliable and useful. It also entails looking at whether the point of view is consistent.

Copy Editing

This means looking at paragraph structure, punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

My Credentials


Educational Background

I attended St Pius X Primary School in Western Australia where I was one of the top in my classes with reading and writing.  At age 11 on a voluntary basis, I assisted the teachers with reinforcing language skills of some of the Grade 1 Primary School students, which I enjoyed.

In the 1980s I attended a co-educational Government School in Western Australia, Como Senior High School.  There I studied English Literature and passed the final Year 12 exams with excellent results for English and English Literature.  I was the Honour Student in Year 12 for History and English Literature, and in Year 10 I was awarded the Honour Student award for Typewriting.


I have a passion for reading and writing and have worked as a volunteer literacy tutor for the Ministry of Education, Western Australia.  I won a prize in the Young Writer’s Contest of Western Australia, for a poem that I wrote, while I was at High School.

I have assisted numerous friends and acquaintances with writing reports and with general written communication, upon request, due to my love of writing and my expertise and interest in grammar and spelling and other elements of writing.

At Murdoch University, W.A. one of the Units I completed was Morphology (the study of words and how they are formed).  My academic achievements after school are:  Bachelor of Applied Science degree (Biology), Post-graduate Diploma in Social Research and Evaluation, and a Certificate 4 in Records Management.

I am currently writing a children’s novel and have completed 25 chapters.  I love reading and writing and applying this and my knowledge of spelling and grammar to written words.

In the workplace since 1985 I have hand-written and typed out my own notes on instructions or steps to take in order to complete a process or a technical task, and refined these.  I have shared my writing with my work colleagues who have accumulated them in files and have referred to them as something they could not do without.

My love of writing extends to my visible public activity in the “blogosphere”, as since 2012, I have been an avid WordPress Blogger.  This blog that you are reading is just one of 8 active blogs that I maintain.

In 2018 I wrote a 75 page Guideline, “WordPress Guidelines“, based upon my experiences and knowledge; which guides a person on how to set up and maintain a free WordPress blog.  The “WordPress Guidelines” put together information scattered across the internet into one comprehensive written work.

My blog “WordPress Beginners” also provides invaluable information for bloggers using the WordPress.com services.

My writing skills are “self-evident” through my blogs.  Feel free to peruse them.

RATES ( non-fiction only )

$2.00 AUD for 1,000 words. That’s 0.20 cent per word (in Australian dollars).

Minimum number of words that I can review is 1,000 words.

Maximum number of words that I can review is 30,000.  This is due to time constraints.

A 30000 word manuscript would cost you $60 AUD – less if you’re in the U.K. or U.S.A. due to currency exchange rates.

Please note that because of other commitments I can only read and edit and review short works of non-fiction within a reasonable time-frame ( 1 to 2 weeks ). I am also looking for regular and secure part-time writing work, i.e. content writing or proofreading/editing, working from home.

Writing of a violent, discriminatory, racist or malevolent or defamatory nature will not be reviewed.

PAYMENT METHOD:  PayPal payment is requested Thank you.

Contact me:   admin @ bookreviewers.online  [ no spaces ]

NOTE:  You may have to allow 1 week to 2 weeks for this service to be completed.  Please be open to discuss this with me when you contact me.

This service includes an optional Book Review of your book, which is a review of the content and purpose of your publishable book.  If you don’t want me to write a Review, let me know.  Once you have published your book, my book review will be posted on this site “Book Reviewers International (BRI)”.  You can then link to the Book Review page on BRI and / or share the page on social media and through other sources.

Please note that I cannot at the moment leave a review of your book on Amazon, due to Amazon’s rule that one has to spend a certain minimum amount on their products in order to post a review.  However, you can see if you can put a sentence or a short paragraph of your choosing, from my book review of your book, as an Editorial Review, alongside the text bookreviewers.online on your Amazon sale page.

See here for an example.


Celine Lai, 14 September 2018



I’d recommend Celine to anyone considering ‘beta reading’ – or editing/proofreading.

After going through my book, she responded with a separate word document that clearly outlined the mistakes she had found, along with the page number.

The work was detailed and timely.

Also, she included suggestions on content when she felt there was incorrect word usage or when a phrase could be changed for the better. 

When you read through your own text a million times it can be easy to miss things. Having a different set of eyes can help and Celine was great to work with. 

I highly suggest you give her a try! 

Jessica Stark, author of

How to Survive Family Court: Strategies to Win