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Kinship with All Life by J Allen Boone reviewed by Celine

Publisher:  Harper & Row, New York & Evanston

Date of publication:  1954

Genres:  Non-fiction, spiritual, animals, philosophy


If I had to take just one book with me, leaving the rest behind, it would be this one.  The description of this book on the back cover says:  “Simple challenging realistic differences showing how animals communicate with each other and with people who understand them.’  In a nut-shell J Allen Boone takes the reader chapter through chapter on a journey of enthralling observations and perceptions about the uncomplicated lives of animals, ranging from dogs to insects.

If you are open-minded to different subtle forms of communication among animals including human “animals” and curious about the niche of human beings in this fantastic living and non-living world that we live in, then consider reading this book.

Just a few chapters long and 150 pages length meaning it won’t take long to read this whole book,  “Kinship with All Life” really does make one think about our connection to other living things and our niche in the Universe, as long as the reader uses her or his imagination and spiritual self to tap into the energy or essence of what Boone is getting at.

J Allen Boone, an American journalist was asked to take charge of Strongheart, the first movie star canine.  J Allen Boone said that he learned a silent, unspoken language and communication with Strongheart that enabled him to communicate with other species as well. His books reveal a consciousness of the oneness among all living beings and the soul of the universe.

While some may point out that Boone is personifying the creatures he talks about in his wonderful book, the thing is that words themselves are really sort of “place-holders” or sounds to try to express something that maybe cannot be fully expressed.  I think that he has done a sterling job in showing that non-human animals from dogs to insects, have got an intelligence and awareness that deserves our attention and respect.



There was no dullness or no sag in his schedule.  He had a wonderful zest for life.  These are words about Freddy the Fly.


There are several versions of this book. I am lucky to own a 1954 first edition. There is an 1976 version but the dust jacket (front cover) is totally different to that of the 1st edition.



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