What is an editorial review? – by Chanticleer Book Reviews

Editorial reviews tend to focus on the technical aspects (grammar, formatting, spelling, consistency, punctuation, POV, etc.) of a work along with the writing craft of the author by an editing professional. Other publishing or media professionals use these assessments when evaluating for works purchasing decisions or for distribution purposes.

This is an excerpt from Chanticleer Book Reviews.

You can read the rest  here.

I aim to provide editorial reviews on this site, Book Reviewers International, plus my opinion on the theme(s) or purpose(s) of a book and to what degree – in my opinion – that these have been met.

I really like what Chanticleer Book Reviews offers, and may even use their paid services to review my own book manuscript.  I am currently writing a novel for teenagers, and hope to complete it ….. one day !!   In the past I have written many short stories and even one children’s novel ( read about that experience here ) and am working on a fantasy mystery story at the moment.   Stay tuned for more information.


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