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What is a Book Review?

The scope for Book Reviewers international (BRI) is:

A book review is a short summary of the content of a book, and an evaluation of the content, structure, presentation, vocabulary and style of a book, and an opinion on whether the aim or the theme of the book is achieved or is clarified.  A book review can include a precis or outline of out-standing points and of any writing or reading issues that may be of concern to readers, according to the reviewer.  The review must not defame, slander or overly criticise the book writer.  Only family friendly books will be reviewed on this site, BRI.  The books reviewed on this site will not be given a number rating.

Purpose of Book Reviewers international

(established in March 2018)

This website, Book Reviewers International, has the purpose of presenting book reviews  in English, made by the author of this site (Celine L.) and made by approved Contributors.  Individual people are invited to apply to be a Book Reviewer for this site.

If you would like book reviews written by you, to be published on this site, please read the terms for contributors, by clicking on the link below.

Terms for Contributors to Book Reviewers International

See  About this Site  for detailed information on this site, BRI.



Why would you read a Book Review?

If you are looking for a book on facts, you may wish to read a review of the book, to see what the actual content of the book is, according to what readers have discovered.

You may wish to read a book review, to see if the book will suit your purpose and see how it has been written, and / or to find out what people who have read it, think about it.   If you read a Book Review of a novel you should be aware that the review may contain information about the plot or story.  You may wish to read a review of a work of fiction if you are looking for a novel suitable to give to someone, or if you want to read a novel yourself and don’t mind if some of the plot is revealed in a book review.

If you would like to read a review of a book that is not listed on this site, Book Reviewers International, you can use the Contact form here, to suggest that I review it; and / or go to another Book Review website, such as Goodreads.  If I have the book in my personal library, or if I am interested in getting the book, I will endeavour to read and review it.

If you are an author and would like me to read and review your book, I may be able to schedule that, but you may have to post your book to me.  If you need an editorial review of a short book done soon, and can provide me with a copy of the book, I will probably be able to fast-track reading and reviewing it.

October 2021
I am no longer accepting books to review them

Thank you for reading this.

Celine Lai,  March 2018


Shandy’s  review of “Guns, Germs and Steel” by Jared Diamond.

“It isn’t hard to know what’s important in Life, and it doesn’t include Guns.”