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The Rainbow Unicorn Quest : The Strange Case Of Lightning Bill

If you are a very spiritual person and open to the reality of Unicorns, a Unicorn will visit you and help you open your “third eye”, which is the energy centre that connects you to higher realms and wisdom


Amy’s Balancing Act

A great resource for teachers and parents of young children to introduce them to how we all need to co-create a live-able climate

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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 the official guide

If like me, you love the World Cup soccer, this program is well worth having and keeping for a memento

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A Thousand Boy Kisses

Go read this book because it was such a pleasure reading it. Not only is there romance but there is more focus than romance.

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A Journey Into Spiritual Wisdom

This book is a joy to read. If you are interested in the essence of a person, this book will help you.

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The Magic Of Unicorns

In this book Diana explains that Unicorns manifested aeons ago as spiritual horses with spirals of white light from their foreheads

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Twenty Bright Paths: Stories of Growth and Learning by Hassan Siddiqui

Hassan’s words reach into your Soul and bring out what you really already know, but need encouragement or a reminder to use or be