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Celine Lai (my surname is Lai and is pronounced “lie”)


This website offers collaborative reviews of non R-rated adult books, fiction and non-fiction.  This includes books in e-book format only and in audio format only.  As this is a peaceful family friendly site, that invites adult WordPress Users to contribute to book reviews for adults including  mature young  readers; reviews of horror themed and R-rated books are not accepted.

I want to create an inviting and popular space where people who love reading can share their written reviews of books that they have read.

If you read a Book Review on this website, Book Reviewers International (BRI) and you disagree with it, you must not complain to me, the creator of BRI.

Please note the Reviews are the opinions of the individuals who review the works.  You can apply to become a Book Reviewer for BRI.  Read the TERMS  here.

All adult individuals and young readers who are WordPress Users or sign up with WordPress, who are capable of writing high quality book reviews in English, under the stated Terms here, are invited to become Contributors to Book Reviews on this website, Book Reviewers International (BRI).

Approved Book Reviewers who are registered with WordPress, will be added to this site (BRI).  To submit a book review, an approved book reviewer or contributor can access BRI to create a new Blog Post on this site, Book Reviewers International, which will be pending review.  The Review (post) will be looked at by the creator of Book Reviewers International (Celine) and if approved for publication on BRI, will be published as soon as possible.

Approved Book Reviewers who are registered with WordPress, can also submit their book review by other means.  Note, you will need to submit an Application in order to be assessed for whether you qualify as a Book Reviewer for this site, before submitting your reviews.

For the purpose of this website, Book Reviewers International, the following applies.

ADULT –   a person aged 16 and over

YOUNG READER  –  a person aged 12 to 15

R RATED –  containing explicit sexual information or 3 or more instances of strong or shocking violence throughout the book.

HORROR –  a novel which clearly comes under the genre of horror.

Dialogue about which specific books can be reviewed on this site will NOT be entered into.  It is wholly at the discretion of the author of this site, BRI, to determine which books will be reviewed on this website, to the best of her knowledge.  If you want to submit a review for a Horror or R-Rated book, you can submit it to Goodreads.

I offer a paid editing service for un-published non-fiction:  read here for information.


Giving Feedback on the Content of WordPress websites.

If you want to Like an article (blog post) on this site, Book Reviewers International (BRI) or on any other WordPress website (that allows Likes), you will need to be registered with WordPress, i.e. have a WordPress user-name and be logged into your WP “account”.

To Comment on some WordPress sites, you can only do so by logging in with your Facebook Account or Twitter Account or your WordPress Account.  This is required in order to reduce spam.  You should check the PRIVACY options of the “account” that you use to comment on a blog post, if you do comment using your Facebook or Twitter account, before commenting.

Note: “account” does not necessarily mean that you are paying for anything, in information technology terms it essentially means  a method or an established technique for connecting a user and an information service and/or computer network.



It is easy and safe to register with WordPress. Just go to WordPress.com here and type in a name for your WordPress site, even if it is just a “test site”.  For those new to WordPress, see the sign-up form below.   You don’t have to fill out the fields other than a name or title of your blog.


Click on Continue at the bottom of the screen (not shown above) then type in a name or title which will become the Web Address of your blog, even if it is just a private blog and even if you don’t intend to blog – you just need to go through this step in order to register a WordPress User Name.

After typing in an answer to at least “What would you like to name your site?” which becomes your Site Title, click on Continue. On the next screen, type in a name or title which will become the Web Address of your blog.  Important: check your spelling and that your web address name (URL) is what you really want.

WordPress will find out if the URL is available and if it is not, will offer suggestions.  WordPress will also try to get you to pay for a plan, BUT go for the FREE option.  Example shown below.  We would click on the blue Select button next to the first suggestion (if this was a real thing, which it isn’t – in reality we wouldn’t want such a long-winded Web address, so would change the Site’s address (URL) to something more appealing and see if that was available free, or a close variation).


On the next screen, click “Start with Freeunder the first Plan (Free – Best for students).  WordPress has highlighted “Start with Premium” in blue, but DO NOT click on that button (which is the default button and they are trying to get you to click on it, to sign up for a paid plan), unless of course, you do want to pay for the Premium Plan.


On the next screen, fill in your email address and enter a password and choose a language if you want (English is the default), then check your In Box.  Activate your WordPress account by clicking on the link in your email.

Once you have registered with WordPress,  you can make your WordPress blog private by clicking on Settings in the pale blue dashboard then scrolling down the General page to Privacy then checking/ticking “Private”.

Once you have signed up for a Blog, if you actually want to start blogging (or write blog posts and pages), you will need to configure or set up your Blog, and run it or maintain it.

On the other hand, you don’t need to fill in content on your blog or maintain it, if all you wanted was a WordPress log-in / User-name so that you can Like and perhaps comment upon established WordPress blogs.

Remember, to be a Reviewer of this site Book Reviewers International, all you need is a log-in or username with WordPress, which you can use to actually sign into Book Reviewers International.

I have written comprehensive Guidelines on setting up and maintaining a free WordPress.com website / blog. 

Find out more  here.

Thank you for reading and respecting this information.

Celine Lai
March 2018

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