Amy’s Balancing Act

A great resource for teachers and parents of young children to introduce them to how we all need to co-create a live-able climate

Amy’s Balancing Act” by Bjorn Sturmberg, reviewed by Celine Lai

Format: Hardcover

Date of publication:  2022

Publisher: Little Steps Publishing

Number of pages:  32

Genre:  Children’s, Educational


Dr Bjorn Sturmberg’s delightful picture book helps primary school aged children understand that we all have a role to play transitioning to cleaner fuels and power.

Amy’s Balancing Act tells this story using the analogy of a girl delivering the mail to tell the positive story of how solar, wind and energy storage can work together to replace coal. 

As Amy’s journey shows, the heart of the challenge is to learn to work with diversity, where everyone has strengths and weaknesses.

Amy’s Balancing Act is a short, 600 word 32 page book written for a mid- to late-primary school children. It is lovingly illustrated by the wonderful and accomplished Laura Stitzel.

I am thrilled to find out about Bjorn, an inspiring and committed participant in the research, development, demonstration, and commercialisation of low carbon electricity and transport systems.

Ketan Joshi, Author of Windfall: Unlocking a fossil-free future, says about Bjorn’s story:

“Bjorn’s story is an evocative and clear telling of the real and significant drama that’s underpinning how the world’s energy systems are shifting today. In a context that kids will surely be drawn to, Bjorn’s tale introduces concepts that will become only more important and more relevant as time goes on.”

This is a great resource for teachers and parents and supporters of young children, who are looking to introduce them to how we all need to get on together to co-create a live-able climate and Earth for everyone.

Children are interested in the world around them and their grasp of lifestyle changes and their natural desire to understand the link between it and our well-being is supported by books such as “Amy’s Balancing Act.”

Please visit Dr Sturmberg’s personal website below, for more information. You can buy a signed copy of the book too!

Thank you Bjorn for all the work that you do for Planet Earth and life on Earth.

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