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The Reader’s Digest Book of Things to Make and Do


In my opinion, the “Reader’s Digest Book of Things to Make and Do” is the best arts and crafts book in the world.  I was lucky enough to receive this book when I was a teenager and it is glorious.

“The Reader’s Digest Book of Things to Make and Do” reviewed by Celine

PUBLISHER  Reader’s Digest, London


GENRE OR CATEGORY OF BOOK   Crafts, art, “how to”, children’s

I usually don’t post a review of an out-of-print book (OOP), but because lately I’ve been into new crafts (being winter here now, “Down Under” Australia), I have been looking at my beloved Reader’s Digest bible of the most interesting and huge range of things to make and do, by supervised children and adults alike.

The best way to show-case this book, I think, is through pictures, so here’s a little Gallery.

TABLE OF CONTENTS –  Book divided into 2 sections – Things to Do & Things to Make

If you are viewing on a wide-screen monitor, you can click on an image in the Gallery, and then scroll down and click on “View Full Size” in the right-hand corner, to look at the image close-up.  You can use your computer’s magnifying function also.


If you wanted this book, try searching for it on eBay, Etsy and other online auction sites, and other avenues, perhaps the online Classifieds for your country, and through Abes Books or other companies that offer OOP books for purchase.

Have I made or done anything from this book?  Yes, but not much.  Still I love looking through this book for its ideas and the creativity and tips. Some of the things I have made using this book, are the Shadow Puppets of the East and Photograms.

My favourite part of the book is the section about making your own doll’s house, and what’s more, making peg dolls and clothes for the dolls to go with the house, and making the furniture for a Tudor house, a Victorian house and a Georgian house.  The section on making soft toys comes a close second for me.

This book covers the stuff that dreams are made off, in my opinion.  At the back of the book are templates and patterns!  If you are an avid Do-it Yourself person or craftswoman or craftsman, try to get your hands on this book, if you have the time, the skills and the inclination for any of the projects in this lovely outstanding book.

I also have a Panda latch-hook kit (and so far I’ve only done one row) and I’m trying out the Diamond painting thing, where tiny plastic beads are pressed onto a canvas with a pre-printed picture on it.

Photos of my wonderful Zweigart Panda latch hook kit below.  I love pandas and have seen a real panda once in Singapore.  I think it will be a very long time before I complete this project!

Latch Hook Kit






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  1. Hi, I remember this book and for the life of me can’t find it in my parent’s house. If you know anyone selling “Things to Make and Do”, please let me know. Tried the usual searches and it’s not available.


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