What I like Reading

I love reading, especially non-fiction and am happy to receive free published books from new (or not so new) authors, to read (in my own good time) and to write a Book Review, which of course, I will post here on my own site Book Reviewers International.  PDF formats will be accepted, but if you can send me a hard copy printed book, that would be very gratefully accepted.

I probably won’t be able to post my review on Amazon,  because Amazon will not allow me to post a Review unless I’ve spent $50 AUD on their products within the last 12 months.

If you want me to post my review on Goodreads, you will have to allow time for me to do that, after first posting the Book Review on my own site (this site you are reading now, “Book Reviewers International”).

Authors can contact me at the email below, and please keep in mind that I live in Australia, and I work part-time, so reading and reviewing your published book would have to be scheduled.


The topics that I am most interested in are:

Self-help (to be more precise – along the lines of Dale Carnegie’s “How to make Friends and influence people”, how to set boundaries, self-care while helping others, “New Age” concepts, spiritual information like works by Doreen Virtue and Louise Hay – nothing creepy or weird).  Within this broad category, I will select the books that I want to read if authors contact me for book reviews (i.e. there are some self-help books that I won’t read).

Science (e.g. the cosmos, scientific discoveries and contributions by women, sustainable living, helping small communities, weather, reciprocal economies)

Mathematics –  Vedic mathematics, Cuseinare rods, etc.  BUT please allow a long time for me to read and review these type of books (the reason being I may not want to read it when you offer it to me, and I definitely have to be in the “right zone” and have the TIME to read these sort of books, with the aim of writing a decent review).

Autobiographies & Biographies –  Yes, even if you are not Madonna or a Prime Minister or a celebrity, if you have written an autobiography related to one of my areas of interest, or have written short memoirs which I could be interested in, I could schedule time to read it.

Crystals –  books about crystal healing, use of crystals, crystal properties, etc.

Cultural sociology – how communities developed and why groups are like what they are, toward others.

The contribution of women to all facets of Society –  books like “Hidden Figures”.

Animals – working with animals, true stories, memoirs.


I mainly read non-fiction so –

If you are looking for a Book Reviewer of PUBLISHED NON-FICTION

try contacting me.

I am offering this service FREE although if you do want me to read and review your book, you will have to send or email me a review copy of your book.

Plus, my review of your book will, of course, take …… time.

I can probably fast-track a Review of your book if you need a Review urgently, as I am very flexible.  Just ask me by email and I will reply soon.

Please DO NOT be offended if I don’t want to read and review your book, as the reason will be there is only 1 of me and I have limited time to read and write book reviews, and it’s best for all that I read & review books that I personally am interested in, especially as I’m offering a free service.

For example, I don’t like to read horror, thrillers, religious or R-rated books, or comedic books, and that’s okay.  If your book falls into one of the categories of books that I don’t read, you can look for another Reviewer!


Thank you,  Celine Lai    29 July 2018


So many books to read