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The Meaning of Luck

The meaning of luck according to Steve Waugh seems to be that hard work and will-power and a positive attitude is what brings about good luck.

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This Week in Indie Publishing

A really good post about persevering with independent publishing, via the blog of Don Massenzio. 

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Lucky Man by Michael J. Fox

A wonderful and enjoyable memoir of Michael Fox’s life up to 2001, when Michael turned 40 (born on 9 June 1961).  The “lucky man” reference is explained within the first 7 pages.  In November 1990 when he was only 29 Michael first noticed the twitching that was diagnosed as Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease a year later. 


What is an editorial review? – by Chanticleer Book Reviews

There are several types of reviews and reviewers: peer reviews by peer reviewers, editorial reviews by professional reviewers in the publishing industry, manuscript overviews – pre-publication editorial reviews, and consumer reviews by readers

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The Little Mouse by C.W. Lovatt

This wonderful story is sprinkled with amazing forest creatures, with whom you feel as though you are right there with them as this gripping tale un-folds.

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Playing the Matrix by Mike Dooley

This is an interesting treatise on how the author perceives things. Mike Dooley has come up with a Chart detailing 5 areas of the Matrix, from “Thought & Emotion” which he recommends to attach to or to focus upon, which are dependent solely upon a person’s choices; to 4 areas of Illusions

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The Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery

This book is fabulous and hard to put down. I like how the author writes in a spiritual way and shows appreciation of and kinship with the Octopus.