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Finding Gobi by Dion Leonard

Magical – if there was only one word I could use to describe this adventure set out so articulately and heartfeltly by Dion Leonard, this is it.

Finding Gobi by Dion Leonard – reviewed by Celine

Publisher:  HarperCollins Publishers

Date of publication:  2017

Genres:  True story, animals, spiritual, sport


Magical – if there was only one word I could use to describe this adventure set out so articulately and in such a heart-felt way, by Dion Leonard, this is it.

I won a copy of the book “Finding Gobi” through a Channel 7 “Sunday Night” competition, and was over the moon to receive my book, together with a compliments slip from the Seven Network:  Congratulations!  We hope you enjoy reading about Gobi as much as you loved watching her on our show.  With compliments from Sunday Night.

I loved Dion’s (and Dion’s assistant writer, Craig Borlase’s) excellent literary prowess in their writing and Dion’s candid capture of his child-hood and glimpses into character building experiences which were like jig-saw puzzles that fit into his entire life.  Here I witnessed, through words on a page, a man whom not only has incredible physical fortitude and the iron will to compete and to win, but whom is compassionate and honest and intelligent.  Above all, without giving away too much for those who have not yet read the book, something was outstanding to me – about Dion’s approach to Life.


Dion Leonard is someone who knows about choices – there are many roads to China, as the saying goes, and sometimes there are clouds of uncertainty flurrying around a particular choice in front of you, BUT that is what life is about in its finest details –  CHOICES.

Gobi chose to follow Dion and to become his life-time spiritual ally ( woohoo ), and ..

Dion chose to find Gobi … and in an un-swerving manner … not to let down a cute little spirited dog whom raced across the Gobi desert with him …. as Dion points out …. to teach him things about himself and the teaching is never ending.

Gobi is a special little dog whom showed someone to open up more, to reinforce the message of inter-dependence and being inter-connected, whom is a model of courage and strength under fire, and has unconditional love for Dion and his family.  This story truly is a testament to the fact that non-human animals are not commodities or lesser beings.

The book is thoroughly enjoyable to read and thus is one of the books that you can quickly finish reading.  It is very well written.

You can see the Table of Contents and read a few pages of Dion’s ’s book by clicking on the link below.

Booktopia – Finding Gobi




Did you know that Craig Borlase was a co-writer of this book?

I also have a copy of the original children’s picture book “Gobi” and a plush toy Gobi.  See this post here for information.


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