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Newly released WordPress Guidelines are now available!

Learn from an experienced WordPress blogger, how to set up and maintain your free WordPress Blog.  Rather than trawl through all the numerous pages on the internet for bits and pieces of information, you can have my Guidelines saved to your computer and / or printed out; handy to refer to whenever you need to.  ♥♥♥

Guidelines on setting up a WordPress.com site

Comprehensive guidelines on setting up a free WordPress blog using WordPress.com software. 77 page PDF document ( 3 MB ). Cost is 4 Australian dollars (less if you’re in the U.K. or U.S.A.) You can pay by Paypal or Card by clicking on the Paypal button below.


If you choose to pay by Paypal your payment will be made to “the Dreaming Place” which is the name of my small online business.

After paying for your Guidelines, the PDF Guidelines will be emailed to the email address provided with your Paypal or Credit Card payment, within 2 days.

If you want an instant download of the Guidelines, you can click on the button below to use the Payhip payment processor, and pay securely and safely by Paypal or Card.  You will be directed to a webpage with a link to the PDF Guidelines and will receive an email with the link to the Guidelines.



Comprehensive guidelines with simple navigation to find solutions.  To receive useful handy tips on using the WordPress.com platform, visit my blog “WordPress Guidelines“.

Save time when setting up or refining your WordPress blog or website.  Written by an experienced WordPress Blogger to help people new to WordPress, the WordPress Guidelines are for use with the free WordPress.com platform.

You can purchase the Guidelines from my other Blog, WordPress Guidelines, if you wish to, by clicking here .

Note:   To have reviews posted on this site, BRI, approved reviewers (contributors) must be registered WordPress users.  Please see this page here for the terms for contributors.


To register with WordPress, simply go to the WordPress.com website (link below) and sign up for a free User Name. You can then set up your own WordPress site, if you want to. WordPress will “invite” you to name your own Blog / website, so you must provide a website name for your “blog” BUT you don’t have to publish it (it can be set to Private) and you don’t have to complete setting up your WordPress website.  This is the way you have to sign up with WordPress in order to get a WordPress User Name.

Note, the WordPress User Name that you register with will be used when you visit WordPress sites and like a Post or a Page and make comments on WordPress sites (if the Blog author has allowed content on their blog to be “liked’ and / or commented upon).  Your WordPress User Name will appear on Blog Posts that you write, e.g. my WP User Name is:  “Star Wise.”

Celine,  March 2018

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