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Life of Pi – by Yann Martel

If you read this book, it will quite likely not leave you un-changed.

Excerpt of the Review

If you read this book, it will quite likely not leave you un-changed. I have a beautiful slip-cased copy of the book, illustrated by Tomislav Torianic. It is signed by both the author and the illustrator and is copy number 1173 of a limited run of 3,000 such books. Published in 2007, it consists of 449 pages.

Here is my very own personal review of the novel written by Yann Martel, “The Life of Pi.” Please do not read, unless you really do want to know what I thought about the book upon reading it.


I have written a Review of this book on my blog “Fascinating Animals”.  Links to book reviews by a Contributor to this site, BRI, will be allowed if the site being linked to does NOT have the primary purpose of reviewing books.

Please visit the blog “Fascinating Animals” for a review of the “Life of Pi” by me, Celine ( WordPress username “Star Wise”).  Note that the Review gives the plot of the “Life of Pi”.  Note also that book reviews are rather arbitrary too.  The effect of the book can depend upon the experiences, mental or emotional state, and interests etc. of the Reviewer.

Rather than regurgitating the content of the Review from my other blog here, I am providing a link to the review.

Click on the link below to go to my review of “The Life of Pi.”

The Life of Pi – Book Review