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Crystal Grids Power – by Ethan Lazzerini

This book is a real joy to read for the crystal enthusiast as it is set out very logically and informatively, with illustrations galore. If you are looking for complete easy to read and inspiring information on crystal grids, this is the one book to rule them all.


Crystal Grids Power by Ethan Lazzerini reviewed by Celine

Printed by:  Create Space  ISBN:  9781542827553

Date of publication:  2017

Genres:  Non-fiction, spiritual, crystals, self-help


Consisting of 10 chapters making up 170 power packed pages, this is the best book that I have read about the use of crystals in crystal grids.  Ethan Lazzerini takes the reader through a fascinating journey from the nature of crystals and how they have been arranged purposefully in geometric patterns since the years BC.  Crystal grids are made up of a central stone (or crystal) and support crystals, which are often a crystal point for the central stone and tumbled stones for the support stones or crystals.

Descriptions are given in the introductory part about mandalas, location grids, body grids and regular crystal grids, which are set up on flat surfaces using particular numbers of certain crystals – so that the crystalline frequencies emanate and permeate the subtle energy fields around them.

Ethan elaborates upon how crystals help – impressing upon the reader the metaphysical nature of life and the elements around us.  All has a frequency or wave-length and vibration, which resonates with things, and when certain crystals are in a geometric pattern, they can have a soothing or up-lifting or clearing effect, and even help with manifestation and health.

This book is a real joy to read for the crystal enthusiast as it is set out very logically and informatively, with illustrations galore.  It takes you from exploring and understanding the 4 different facets of energy as Ethan describes them (the Crystal Diamond), and from the different forms manifesting through sacred geometry to the grids themselves.

From the circle to Metatron’s Cube you are guided upon the keywords, numerical correspondent (numbers being the root of Sacred Geometry), and history and symbolism of the form or shape.  Next comes “Crystal Grid Tools and Essentials”, and how to prepare your grid.  Ethan explains that crystals pick up energies from their surroundings and must be cleansed using one of four methods, incense, sacred sound, pyramid power or white light.

Crystal care and maintenance is also covered, including consecrating or dedicating crystals to a particular purpose or infusing your intention into the crystalline field.  This is also called activation and there are many methods, which Ethan clearly explains with step by step instructions.

The chapter on “Enhancing Intentions” is a wonderful bonus that many other books on Crystal Grids does not cover.  It looks at working with polished tumble stones and crystal jewellery and cleansing and programming or activating them.

Next is the superb section on the actual grid layouts – simple crystal grids, advanced crystal grids and creating your own crystal grids.  Ethan uses his 20 years of experience to share with us 34 wonderful intention-based crystal grids.  See the Table of Contents link at the bottom of this review.

Each grid instruction has an interesting picture of the Grid Layout indicating the different crystals suggested to be used by using a number for each crystal type, and possible crystal substitutions.  Even if you don’t use a single grid layout from this book, you will gain a valuable insight into the uses of different crystals AND a fantastic reference book to cherish and to refer to when you are ready to create a Crystal Grid.

The last chapter, “Trouble-shooting” looks at obstacles to the crystal grids working, such as not clearing the crystals or having limited beliefs in positive things or even just impatience and lack of effort in working with the crystals. It also looks at energy flow or the flow of energy obtained by the direction (clock-wise or anti-clockwise) in which you point crystal points.

No, you don’t HAVE to set up your crystals in a grid – there is no “law” or anyone telling you to do so, but the point is that arranging crystals in certain geometric configurations DOES harness the energies or frequencies of the crystalline beauties or gather them into a subtle energy field of their own which may interact with your own Aura or subtle energy field – and permeate your thinking and feeling and your physical system.

You can see the Table of Contents and read a few pages of Ethan’s book via Amazon by clicking on the link below.


This book was self-published by the author Ethan Lazzerini and is one of 2 books written by Ethan, to date.  This book also provides a link to the internet where you can download wonderful crystal grid templates free, which can be printed and used for your own grids.

Please visit Ethan Lazzerini’s website for information about his 2 books and for a gold-mine of information about crystals.  Ethan’s other book, well worth reading (which I also have a copy of ) is titled “Crystal Healing for the Chakras”.



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