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Angels an introduction – by Jane Struthers

I found this little book to be a real gem because it is easy and interesting to read, and it really does cover everything that a “beginner” to angels would want to know.

Angels An Introduction by Jane Struthers reviewed by Celine

Publisher:  Summersdale

Date of publication:  2010

Genres:  Non-fiction, spiritual, New Age

ISBN:  978-1-78685-550-3


This little book (15 cm x 10 cm ) is really useful for turning to if you want to engage in a small activity and connect with a certain angelic frequency, for help with something specific.

The author first explains in an un-biased fashion what angels are perceived to be by different people – traditionally as higher dimensional beings that have never incarnated into form.  She then describes the appearance of angels in art, religion and literature.

The book is 95 pages divided into

  • Introduction
  • Angelic Lore
  • Meeting the Angels
  • Working with the Angels
  • Some Final Thoughts

“Angelic Lore” covers the angelic hierarchy or the traditional “three choirs of angels” the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones in the First or highest choir, the Dominions, Virtues and Powers in the Second or second highest choir, and the Principalites, Archangels and Angels in the third or third highest choir.

Meeting the Angels” looks at the widely known Archangels whom are high frequency energetic entities or fields of energy that convey certain thoughts or inspiration to human beings and other living beings, and whom subtly guide or organize events in the favour of creations on Earth.  Remember ALL is energy and energy interacts and changes, and thus we are all inter-related and inter-connected.

This section also includes a handy angelic compendium of other Angels by traditional names, which to me are really energetic frequencies of certain energies which one can work with for specific purposes.  It looks at guardian angels also and the fact that our guardian angels can only help us if we ask them for help.

“Working with the Angels” covers how to connect with angels and provides easy and useful activities for working with various angels for healing, finding lost objects, protection, attaining your goals, improving relationships, and for looking after nature and animals.

‘Some Final Thoughts” points out that some thoughts or voices that you receive and know are not your own, which disturb you ( i.e. do not contribute positively to anything ) may not come from Angels and that you should ask if the being contacting you is from God (or as I say, from the Highest Light ).

Altogether I found this little book to be a real gem because it is easy and interesting to read, and it really does cover everything that a “beginner” to angels would want to know, in my opinion.  Other weightier books cover angel experiences or stories and only touch upon how to connect with or work with angels, but Jane describes this in a logical manner with activities that are quite achievable.


I have a book which shows the Angel seated on clouds.  Click on the thumb-nail below to view.

When I searched for this book online I could only find it with the cover showing a standing or flying angel, and the ISBN for the book is different to the ISBN for the book that I own.  I got my book in a collection of spiritual magazines and books from a news-agency.


The ISBN for the book shown above is:  978-1849530798 and you can probably purchase this book from Amazon online, for a very small cost.


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