What are you Reading now?

I am a Princess and I’m currently reading Mindfulness for Women.

little miss princess

I’m half way through “Mindfulness for Women” by Vidyamala Burch and Claire Irwin, though recently I bought “Mr Chatterbox” (Mr Men) for my friend who was a chatter-box until the Hat-maker gave him a hat that grew when he talked until it covered him and shut him up.

I also bought “Litte Miss Princess” for myself.  I was astonished to see that “Little Miss Princess” described me well.  In a nut-shell it’s about a kind Princess who tried to help others but made mistakes until .. she found her forte.

What her “forte” is, you will have to find out for yourself by reading the book!

Stay tuned for my Book Review of “Mindfulness for Women.”

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