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Racing With “The Doctor” Recollections from a Member of Jerry Crabb’s Sprint Car Pit Crew


Racing With “The Doctor”: Recollections from a Member of Jerry Crabb’s Sprint Car Pit Crew by Todd R. Thomas –  reviewed by Celine

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This is a very well written and captivating book, by a sprint car pit crew member, whom supported Jerry Crabb aka “the Doctor” in Knoxville and wherever else Jerry went to.  Those who are interested in or enjoy sprint car racing will get a lot of information and wonderful anecdotes from these memoirs.

I found it easy to get through the book and loved the many photos in this book, as well as the sharply defined characters, of which there are many unique personalities in the book.  The structure or organisation of the book flows excellently, and the technical details are clearly explained to the lay-person and sprint car racing enthusiast both.

My having an interest in Formula One racing and muddling up sprint car racing with all other car racing other than Formula 1 meant that I had no idea what a sprint car was when I began reading this book.

Luckily for me, Todd’s descriptive prowess and love for sprint car racing is second to none, and I was thrilled to be able to piece or picture together the pit crew mechanics and the various races and people, with the real-life sprint cars, when I saw the photos.

Weaved together with entertaining anecdotes or stories about real-life characters, the book is entirely readable and satisfying to read, besides being informative about sprint car racing “back in the 1990s” with observations about the cut and dry nature of Jerry Crabb, the changes to track side viewing, and the current emphasis on sprint car development if one has the funding.

If like me, you like to read memoirs, autobiographies and biographies, Todd R. Thomas’ keen sense of walking his talk and launching himself into something he didn’t know much about when he became a pit crew member of the Doctor’s team, and ended up staying with the team for 15 years, will delight you through these memoirs.

The vignettes that Todd shares with us which show-case the traits of particular characters in this true-life story, including his own preserving and honouring the memories of these glory days –  via a personal collection made by Todd, of which you will have to read the book to find out what it is – linger after reading the book.

These memoirs left me feeling happy, knowing that such a skilful, awesome and thrilling, if not dangerous sport occurs, aided and abetted by the men and women who put their heart and soul into being the pit crew members and supporters of these fine sportsmen.

Todd R. Thomas’ excellent writing skills and ability to paint “pictures” in words at a good pace and a great length (meaning the book was the perfect length to read) is to be commended.  This book is a must for all sprint car racing enthusiasts and for those with a whiff of interest in sprint car racing.

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If you’re in the U.S.A. you may like to buy the hardcopy book from the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame and Museum shop.

Racing with “the Doctor” – hardcopy book


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