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Psychic Protection Crystals

Ethan Lazzerini’s book on psychic protection and using crystals for protection is the best book around on psychic protection using crystals, in my opinion, as it is so complete.  You won’t be disappointed with this book, and it is a thoughtful gift to give to someone whom is interested in crystals and in psychic protection.

Psychic Protection Crystals

Psychic Protection Crystals by Ethan Lazzerini – reviewed by Celine.

Publisher:   CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Date of publication:  July 2018

Paperback number of pages:  244

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Genres:  Non-fiction, spiritual, crystals, self-help


This book is excellent because it is holistic or comprehensive and guides the reader through understanding what “negative energy” is, and understanding crystal properties and how crystals help with protection, and the various ways to use “source” energy to shield or protect oneself from harmful or negative energies.

To achieve this, one’s energy field or aura needs to be clear of heavy or lower energies (negative or harmful energies) first, and the book gives great detail about the human body’s energy system and how to clear one’s subtle energy field that surrounds a person.

In the simplest terms for anyone to understand, Ethan Lazzerini looks at what psychic protection is and why it may be needed, through his vast knowledge and experience, explaining the human form’s energy system, including chakras (energy centres)  and etheric cords, and the nature of psychic attacks, which can range from small sub-conscious (or un-aware) attacks to serious malevolent intended attacks.

There’s no need to panic because very few suffer from the serious attacks and help is on hand if this has happened to someone you know, through this awesome book.  After clearing the aura it also needs to be repaired of any rips or holes in the subtle energy body which surrounds the physical body, and Ethan’s book provides easy and clear instructions on how to do this.  Grounding oneself on a daily basis is also covered, and this means being firmly connected to the Earth as a self-contained complete individual, rather than letting your energy be scattered and thus easily taking on others energies, or letting them drain you of yours.

I really LOVE this book because it links everything together so well, and gives different methods for clearing and healing the aura (and thus the physical body into which energy is fed from the aura) in tandem with how to use different crystals for psychic protection.

There is a wealth of psychic protection techniques of which shielding by invoking light in various shapes around a person or a location, can involve holding or carrying or wearing crystals, along with common sense essential protective techniques not involving crystals or shielding techniques, which are a must for the reader to know about.

The range of information and the ease in using different shielding techniques are terrific, and I am grateful to Ethan for giving sample invocations and for recognising that different people connect to crystals differently, e.g. some may be visual and have a strong spiritual connection while others may connect literally through spoken words or commands.  Different geometric forms of crystals and different carved shapes are also explored in terms of their energetic properties or qualities.

The book talks about the need for space clearing or for clearing your rooms and house of negative energies, and instructs how to do this; and lists over 50 powerful crystals together with descriptions of them and relevant details on how they can be used for psychic protection of an individual person or of a location or a room or house.

As if this wasn’t enough, Ethan provides information on the use of crystal grids for clearing and deflecting and transmuting lower energies; together with the essential prerequisites for working with crystal grids or with stand-alone single crystals – that crystals need regular cleansing of dense energies that have stuck to them over time and that crystals can be “programmed” (i.e. ones intent for how the crystal will work can be imbued into the crystal).

There is a handy quick reference or guide to which crystal to select for particular purposes, not all for psychic protection, e.g. there are recommended crystals to work with for an energy healer (someone who heals by using energy), such as myself.  Amber is one of these crystals and I have owned a huge Baltic Amber ring for years, which I love, and found years ago because I was naturally attracted to amber.  Ethan also looks at combinations of crystals for protection, which is very useful. [ A tip from me: try working with different crystals – what feels great for one person may not for another ]

The index of crystals for protection is prefaced by 7 “must have” crystals for protection, and I can report here that I have all of them!  Don’t worry if you discover you don’t have them all, because all of them are relatively inexpensive to buy if (hopefully) you can afford them.  Make sure that you buy them from a reputable seller, e.g. if purchasing from an ebay seller, look at the seller’s Feedback before deciding whether to buy or not.

From the 48 other crystals for protection, I personally have amber, amethyst, carnelian, citrine, fluorite (lots of this), garnet, jade, black kyanite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, selenite, shungite and tourmaline.  I absolutely love crystals, especially hearts (and that may show that my Heart Chakra or emotions need strong shielding or boosting).  Here is a selection of crystals from my own collection.

Do not share the photo without linking to this page.

Crystal Collection of Celine Lai

If you are wondering where you can buy genuine good quality crystals from, Ethan Lazzerini has an Etsy shop “Merkaba Warrior” from which you can buy beautiful and functional gemstone / crystal bracelets and necklaces for men or women, and Ethan recommends other great reputable sources on his website also.  Visit the links below for more information.

I have bought a sugilite bracelet and a lepidolite bracelet for myself from Ethan, and the sugilite bracelet is my absolute favourite bracelet (and I have many gemstone bracelets).  See photos of my sugilite bracelet at this post here of my blog “Our Lovely World”!

I buy a lot of my crystals online from Sage Goddess in California (and have to pay more in Australian dollars).  The SG website can be found  here  and if you make a purchase from Sage Goddess within 24 hours of clicking on the link provided, I will receive a small commission.  So far at the time of publishing this Post, my Commission has been nil (as nobody has bought via the link).


Other Information

Ethan Lazzerini’s book on psychic protection and using crystals for protection is the best book around on psychic protection using crystals, in my opinion, as it is so complete.  You won’t be disappointed with this book, and it is a thoughtful gift to give to someone whom is interested in crystals and in psychic protection.

Ethan has written 2 other books too, on crystals. See  here  please, for details.

I have read “Crystal Grids Power” and reviewed it  here .

For fabulous photos of crystal grids, visit my blog Our Lovely World.


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