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How to survive a Family Court Battle (U.S.A.)


How to Survive a Family Court Battle by Jessica Stark – reviewed by Celine

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Genres:  Self-help, non-fiction, law, family


This book is a gem.

It is clearly written and very informative about the U.S. Family Law Court divorce proceedings. The author points out that the precursor to going to the Family Law Court is to be one hundred percent sure that is the option to take.

Jessica takes the reader on a journey from understanding the main components and stages of the processes involved, to organizing your resources and options, choosing a lawyer, making up a road-map, and preparing for the shock and stress of what can be a “war” between the petitioner and the respondent.

Jessica first gives a glossary of terms, which is crucial to gaining the knowledge to move through the process efficiently and with less angst and strife.  She advocates taking the emotion out of what one wants, and drawing up contingency plans for desired results, to be presented at a Settlement Conference.

The author explains important concepts like Parenting Evaluator and GALs (Guardian Ad Litems), the latter which represent any children involved.  She talks about dealing with children involved, the role of a child in a court case; and explains that being patient and having a laser-like focus on the aims and processes of each stage is essential

Based upon her own personal experiences, Jessica mentors the reader through dealing with the Family Law Court, including choosing lawyers, how to get organized, who is involved, and dealing with the possibility of going to trial, versus agreement by both parties at a Settlement Conference.

While not beating around the bush, the author also provides encouragement and inspiration, for example, suggests that anyone going through such an experience be courageous and centered upon one’s purpose, in order to focus clearly upon the essential steps, and to stand up to external parties involved, such as lawyers.  Jessica also advocates being creative and being ready to accept a difficult road, and to find true or genuine emotional support.

The book ends with a bonus chapter outlining real documentation that the author used in her petition for a parenting plan modification.

Jessica’s book is written from the heart, to assist others going through the divorce process or a custody hearing or parenting plan modification.  Her book should be greatly appreciated and respected by those affected by U.S. Family Law Court proceedings.