Born to Run

Born to Run by Cathy Freeman reviewed by Harmony

Publisher:  Penguin Group, Australia

Date of publication:  2007

Genres:  Autobiography


I really enjoyed this short length book.  Cathy Freeman has written her personal story in an absorbing manner that gives a great insight into her personality.  Her style is down-to-earth and easy-going.  The book is written as though she is talking to the reader and so it was like I was there with her sharing her story.

The book gave me an insight into Cathy’s nature and that of her family – one of  kindness and encouragement.  Cathy’ story is written in an honest and humble way. 

Cathy’s achievement of winning a gold medal in the 2000 Sydney Olympics for the 400 metres is inspirational and her story is about being able to achieve great things when you put your mind to it.  The title “Born to Run” sums up the greatness in Cathy Freeman in deciding to go for her dreams and work hard toward it and to include others whom she cared about in her goal to win.

The book includes a list of ten tips from Cathy for inspiring people to live their lives well.  It also includes many lovely photos from Cathy’s personal album.

I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in who the real Cathy Freeman is. For example, her name is actually Catherine but to people other than her family she became known as Cathy.  I met Cathy when I got her biography (Cathy: Her Own Story), published in 2003, signed by her and, Cathy was inclusive and friendly toward me and interested in what I had to say.  Her personality that she showed then, shines through her book “Born to Run”.

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