Raggedy Ann and Betsy Bonnet String

My very favorite Raggedy Ann story is this story which introduces Betsy Bonnet String, the Geewhiliker and the Fuzzywump!

Raggedy Ann and Betsy Bonnet String by Johnny Gruelle reviewed by Celine

Publisher:  Bobbs-Merrill Company, New York

Date of publication:  1960

Genres:  Fiction


Who has never read one single “Raggedy Ann” book? If it is you who is reading this, well then you have missed out on one of the series of treasures of child-hood picture story books!

Johnny Gruelle, a talented American artist, political cartoonist, children’s book author, illustrator and songwriter, born in Illinois in 1880, wrote 40 “Raggedy Ann” books and illustrated half of these.

See the Wikipedia reference for a complete list of Raggedy books written or illustrated by Johnny Gruelle.

My very favorite is this story which introduces Betsy Bonnet String, the Geewhiliker and the Fuzzywump!

This 95 page story is for young and old, with a delightful magical tale, beautifully written, and with gorgeous un-forgettable colour illustrations. The themes of the Raggedy Ann series rings loud and true in this book, being to be thoughtful and kind toward others.

Who could resist imagining a magic apron, which when shook, produces whatever one desires? This story has plenty of plot and tension, from trying to escape the clutches of the Gurgle Glug imp to being chased by a little old lady in the woods, who feels lonely and bereft, and so seeks to get Betsy Bonnet’s apron for herself.

Imagine shiny red bicycles that ride themselves, and I absolutely loved the idea of cutting out your own paste-board tickets to go to the Fair, and reveled in the wisdom and patience of the Raggedy pair.

This book is highly recommended to read if you or a child you know is looking for something easy, enjoyable, wonderful and satisfying to read, which has magic sprinkled all the way through it.

Thank you Johnny Gruelle, for giving us “Raggedy Ann and Betsy Bonnet String” and all the other amazing Raggedy Ann and Andy stories!

My sweet AM transistor radio – Raggedy style!

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