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Zenpowerment: Your Path to Peace, Power and Purpose

Zenpowerment: Your Path to Peace, Power and Purpose by Randall Scott reviewed by Celine

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Format: Kindle Edition

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Pages: 178 pages

Publisher: Triadic Vox Publishing; 1st edition (18 March 2018)

Genres: Self-help


This book is easy to read and an excellent resource for beginners to techniques that help clear your mind and make room for allowing what is important and necessary in your life.

There are 7 Principles which you can view at the Amazon page using the “Look inside the book” feature. The author goes into detail covering these principles, and some of them at least should appeal to anyone, whatever level of understanding about the power of “zen” that they have.


The word Zen usually refers to a stillness and peace of mind, and conditions that are drawn to one from this way of living.

Randall H. Scott writes logically and clearly and covers the following very well.

  • Living in the present
  • Standing in your power
  • Coming from a place of love
  • The power of choice and meaning
  • Filters and Programming
  • Essentialism
  • Energy and Oneness

If you have done studies on any of the components above or know them intuitively, then you may want to just skim read some of the Chapters, picking up things that are new and useful to you.

A lot of attention is given to “Filters and Programming” and I suggest this is a book that you may want to read over many days. You might like to read one Principle at a time on consecutive days, as the explanations are detailed.

Some Chapters are quite lengthy, and reading large chunks of this book may wear you out trying to take it all in. The book ends with “Zenpowerment Tools and Habits” which is a very useful recap of applying the 7 principles.

Altogether, if you already know about the principles Randall Scott refers to, this book may be parked for a day (or days) when you have lots of reading time on your hands, as a refresher, BUT if you have a friend or know someone who is looking out for their first “self-help” book, then this one would be perfect. This is because the book covers very different approaches to the norm, which can be applied in everyday living.

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