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Trixie Belden 2 The Red Trailer Mystery

This book is full of mystery and incidents with intriguing characters

Publisher:  Random House, New York

Date of publication:  1978

Genres:  Fiction, mystery

ISBN:  0-375-82411-1


Anyone who loves Nancy Drew, the Famous Five or Secret Seven, will love the Trixie Belden series!

Trixie is a teenage detective in the U.S.A. who has cheek and smarts and a bevvy of lovely friends, including Honey a new girl who moves in next door to her; and 2 brothers.

I was, fortunately, introduced to the Trixie stories as a youngster and I loved them so much, that I even wrote my own Trixie Belden instalment one day!

As a teenager I wrote a complete novel about the characters in the Trixie Belden series, solving a horse-napping racket or mystery. The Bob-whites had to learn French to solve it, so I used a French-English dictionary to work out the dialogue.

Well, in the mists of time, unfortunately, that manuscript went missing, but I have engaged in my Renaissance!

Recently I purchased the first 11 of the series from eBay and I am enjoying reading them all tremendously.

There are 39 books in the Series, but you may be surprised to find that only the first 6 were written by Julie Campbell Tatham under the name Julie Campbell.

The remaining books were written by several different authors under the house name Kathryn Kenny.  Several of the different authors have been at least tentatively identified, and they are shown on the webpage below.

I think that you can’t read book number 2 “The Red Trailer Mystery” without first reading the inaugural book in the series, number 1 of course, which is titled “The Secret of the Mansion” published in 1948.

I am reviewing book number 2 because I really enjoyed it. It was full of mystery and incidents with intriguing characters and the plot was nicely woven into the first book.

My book is hardcover, in excellent condition, published by Random House (1978) and has a sticker on it with the price of $6.99 USD. My book has beautiful illustrations by Mary Stevens.

At 262 pages of 18 chapters, it is very easy and absorbing to read; and in no time at all you will have finished reading this book.

These are great little books to read on the train or bus or at a work lunch-time or in a waiting room; if you can get your hands on a collection or on a book or two!

I am up to book number 5 “The Mystery of Glen Road” now, and I enjoyed number 4 “The Gatehouse Mystery” as much as number 3.

The website below is a great resource for information about this wonderful series, which is for adults and children alike!

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One reply on “Trixie Belden 2 The Red Trailer Mystery”

Sorry to correct you, but the hardcover you mentioned was published in 2003, not 1978. A great book though (originally published in 1950)


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