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Love Money, Money Loves You by Sarah McCrum

Money is a friend

Love Money, Money Loves You by Sarah McCrum reviewed by Celine

Publisher:   Sarah McCrum

Format: Kindle

Date of publication:  2018

Length:  266 pages [ hardcopy also available ]

Genre: Self-help, Personal growth


Sarah McCrum is a wonderful person who connected to money as pure “energy” and explains in this excellent book, that we can love money. Her amazing unique viewpoints show that money is essential for the flow of energy that manifests as fulfilling our needs and providing products and services.

Here is a link to her book for just $12 AUD on Kindle. I think that listening to this in audio form would be a beneficial experience!

Love Money, Money Loves you – Amazon Kindle edition

You are sure to get something from either some or one of Sarah’s FREE offerings on her website, and/or from “Love Money, Money Loves You.”

Her book is easy to read and is very imaginative and exciting and inspirational. Sarah shows the reader that a person is greedy with money only if she/he doesn’t value or use or look after what she/he has. The point of her guidance is that money really is unlimited. The reason why some don’t have enough of it or have their basic needs met, is not the fault of the concept of money itself.

This perspective gives one the freedom to get clear on what one wants and to make clear and simple requests. Sarah goes through road-blocks to getting money and points out that when enough people want the needs of everyone to be met, then money as we know it now, or a future different form of it, will be equitably distributed. With more people using money to support systems that are life-affirming with more, will come the eradication of poverty and environmental and health disruption and challenges.

Here are some extracts from “Love Money, Money Loves Me”.

Sarah talks about enjoying oneself as much as possible as happiness or at least satisfaction (not worry or tension) is important to being open to opportunities for getting money. She also talks about energy in the form of a golden light of potential money and keeping your frequency (or vibes) high, so that you can take the steps to draw in the money that you want.

I recommend this book to anyone who worries over not having enough money, and highly recommend you use Sarah’s free resources also. You will see that Sarah is a genuinely supportive and wise person, and I hope that her book “Love Money, Money Loves Me” will resonate with you!

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