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My Steve by Terri Irwin

An unforgettable true story of love, adventure and family

My Steve by Terri Irwin reviewed by Celine

Publisher:   Simon Spotlight Entertainment

Format: Hardcopy

Date of publication:  2007

Print Length:  271 pages

Genre: Autobiography


This book was released with two different titles, the one above, and “Steve and Me”. I like the title “My Steve” and own the hardcopy of “My Steve” ISBN: 9780731813339.

This edition has 19 chapters, and at page 114 there are 15 wonderful colour photos. I love this book. Terri writes about her own love of wildlife and the amazing work she did in the U.S.A. and about a seemingly chance encounter with the “Crocodile Hunter” when she was 27 years old, in 1991.

She writes about the love at first sight by both Steve and herself, and describes what it took for her to move to Australia. All this while she was full-on helping Steve with his outback adventures, and introduced to crocodile conservation in Queensland.

The autobiography is not for the faint-hearted – if you don’t like to hear about cruelty to animals or about what animals can do to a human being in defence. However, there is little of that in the book, and it is well worthwhile reading / owning, if you have the slightest interest in the Australian “Crocodile Hunter”, Steve Irwin.

Sadly, Steve was fatally stung by a sting-ray in 2006. This is recounted briefly in the book, and will leave you thinking that there must be a profound spiritual connection among people.

The book is easy to read and enjoyable, leading the reader into insights about Steve’s amazing stoicism or physical endurance. He wrestles with dangers constantly, and the utmost respect of both Steve and Terri for wildlife shines.

I found this book leaving memorable moments, and inspiring me to think about and help with wildlife conservation and animal care. The Irwin family, right through to today, are 100% committed to their vision. The Australia Zoo continues to teach about and care for animals.

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The back of the hardcopy book “My Steve” by Terri Irwin

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