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The Terms for Contributors can be found here..

After you have submitted your Form, please wait for up to 7 days (one week) for a reply by email IF your application is approved.

Check your email spam folder and In Box for an email with the Subject:

Your application to be a Reviewer for Book Reviewers International.

What Happens After submitting your Application?

After applying to be a Book Reviewer on this site, Book Reviewers International (BRI), I will email you if you are approved, and will add you to this site via your registered WordPress User Name, with the Role of “Contributor.”

This means that YOU will be able to sign into BRI and will be able to create and SAVE your own Blog Post with content following the Format above.  I will email you instructions on how to create a Post on WordPress.  It is easy to do.  I will schedule your Review post for publication, and I will PUBLISH it on BRI, and will email you once your Book Review is  published on Book Reviewers International (BRI).

If you can’t or don’t want to create a post on WordPress, you will still need a WordPress User Name so that your name can appear as the author of your review.

If you prefer, you CAN email me your Book Review in Word.docx or Word.doc format but you will still need to sign into BRI and create a blank Blog Post with the Title of your Book Review.   I will complete the Post with your Review text and your Review will be published UNDER YOUR NAME.

 Please note that this website, Book Reviewers International (BRI) uses the WordPress “platform.”

After registering or signing up with WordPress, you will be able to create your own WordPress blog / site – if you want to – and you will be able to visit WordPress sites via the “Reader’ area of your WordPress Dashboard.

Important Note:  you do not have to publish a Blog or Website when you sign up with WordPress, and it is perfectly safe using WordPress.  I have been using WordPress since 2012.  You can have a completely private blog if you want, or you can just enter a temporary or a tentative Blog title in order to get your WordPress log-in details.  WordPress requires you to enter a Site name (Blog title) in order to get a WP User-name and Password.

sign-up with WordPress
WordPress Sign Up Form

Click  here for more information on signing up with WordPress.

A  WordPress Contributor means that you will be able to sign into this website, Book Reviewers International (BRI), and create and submit a Post containing your Book Review.

Your Review will be pending, that is, will be automatically submitted to me for review.  If it meets the terms for being published as a Book Review on BRI, I will publish it on this site.  If you are not happy with all of the terms, please do not apply to be a Book Reviewer for BRI.


If you are interested in running a WordPress Blog, please note that I have written a document giving comprehensive instructions on setting up a WordPress Blog.

Information about my Guidelines can be found  HERE .

Celine Lai,  March 2018