Terms for contributors

  1. An applicant to be a Contributor (Book Reviewer) on this site must demonstrate a level of writing and reviewing skills that are acceptable for contributing to this site.  This will be assessed by looking at the information provided via the Application Form, and when the Reviewer submits a Review to this site. Applicants must be aged 16 or over.  Reviewers must NOT plagiarise or copy someone else’s review.
  2. An applicant to be a Contributor (Book Reviewer) on this site must write her or his Review in English OR have her or his Review correctly translated to English. Reviews by approved Contributors MUST be submitted in English to this site.
  3. A Contributor must be representing herself or himself as an individual, so not acting on behalf of an organisation “per se” (or wholly) and cannot review her or his own book.
  4. If a Contributor is an employee of a publishing company or of a writing or book related organisation / business / company, she or he should write a Disclaimer, if she or he is not officially representing her or his company.   The following wording for such a review can be used.  This Review is my own opinion and is not the opinion of [ name of organisation ] .  If you are paid to do a  Book Review or if you have received a payment-in-kind for a Book Review, and you submit that Review to this site, Book Reviewers International, YOU MUST DISCLOSE THE DETAILS (WHO PAID OR REIMBURSED YOU) ON YOUR B.R.I. REVIEW.
  5. An approved Contributor may only submit a maximum number of monthly Book Reviews to this site.  The reason for this is not to “flood” this site with reviews by just one person.  At the time of publishing these terms, March 2018, up to 4 reviews may be submitted by one Reviewer, per month.  This quota may change, whereby notice will be given, and will be strictly applied.
  6. The number of words for any one Book Review must not exceed 2,200 words.  It should be at least around 200 words (minimum length). I will allow a Book Review to be shared via a Link to another website, AS LONG AS the other website is authored or run by the Book Reviewer AND the other website is not dedicated to book reviews.  See  here  for a post linking to another site.
  7. All book reviews on this site, Book Reviewers International (BRI), must follow a standard format.  Click here to see the FORMAT See a Sample Submission  HERE .
  8. Any individual who would like to submit a Book Review for this site Book Reviewers International (BRI), must apply to become an approved Book Reviewer by completing the form HERE.
  9. The review must not defame, slander or overly criticise the book writer.  The review must not contain any profanity (swearing) and must be clearly written.
  10. Only family friendly books will be reviewed on this site, BRI.  Horror and R-rated books will NOT be reviewed on this site, BRI.  For more information see this page here.