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The Greatest You by Trent Shelton with Lou Aronica

This book is wonderful, practical and uplifting.

The Greatest You by Trent Shelton with Lou Aronica, reviewed by Harmony

Publisher:   Nelson Books, an imprint of Thomas Nelson, USA

Date of publication:  2019

Genre: Self-development


This book is wonderful, practical and uplifting.  Trent writes in a style that is easily absorbed and had a sublime effect on me.  He writes from his own experience about how to grow and develop into a person who is the best version of herself or himself.

The book explains with examples how to face reality and to adjust in a positive manner and clearly outlines steps to get to the goal of living your purpose.  It is comprehensive and well written with advice that is common sense but conveyed in such a way that it really touched me and made an impression on me subconsciously.

I recommend this book for those interested in learning about life’s challenges and how to over-come them.

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