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Brumby Stories: The Silver Brumby by Elyne Mitchell

If you admire or respect or like or love horses or wild horses cum brumbies, the classic “The Silver Brumby” is a MUST read.

Brumby Stories by Elyne Mitchell, reviewed by Celine

Publisher:   Cornstalk, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, Australia

Date of publication:  1999

Genre: Horses, Animals


I count myself very lucky to have come across the three fantastic books above on eBay, so when I was able to, I bought the lot for $50.00 AUD.

When I was a child, Australian writer, Elyne Mitchell, had an enormous influence upon me, as like many other readers, I fell in love with her children’s story “The Silver Brumby.”

I have read the story anew from the compendium (2nd picture above) which has four complete stories in one volume. Now I’ll move onto the book titled “The Silver Brumby, the Silver Brumby’s Daughter” which I can’t wait to read!

Last but not least I am sure that I will treasure Elyne’s memoirs in the book “Towong Hill.”

Well, what can I say? If you admire or respect or like or love horses or wild horses cum brumbies, the classic “The Silver Brumby” is a MUST read.

My hardcopy compendium has “The Silver Brumby” story over 156 pages and the book size is 18cm x 11cm, if you must know. I am sure that you can buy other more recent compendiums, or the stand-alone book.

This compendium includes also “Dancing Brumby”, “Dancing Brumby’s Rainbow” and “Brumbies of the Night.”

“The Silver Brumby” is an excellent read. It is written very well or clearly, with a good pace and the story is intense and exciting. Elyne Mitchell uses “voice” for all of the horses, meaning that they speak to each other (in English) and give each other names too.

This just endears the horses to the reader. It is her first-hand knowledge of the country that the brumbies lived in, and her love of horses and familiarity with animals that she used to write her brumby stories.

The story is believable and gives the reader a sound picture of the dangers and trials that wild horses face, and of the territorial challenges among them.

A highly recommended story if you want to read a story about wild horses!

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By Star Wise

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