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The Secret of Life Wellness: The Essential Guide to Life’s Big Questions

A wonderful book with great practical advice

The Secret of Life Wellness by Inna Segal reviewed by Celine

Publisher:   Atria Books

Format: Amazon – Kindle Edition

Date of publication:  2013

File Size:  3385 KB

Print Length:  305 pages

Genre: Self-help, Spiritual, Self-development


This book is really good, easy to read with loads of very practical and useful information to get in touch with your intuition.

Inna first looks at energy work i.e. your thoughts and emotions are energy. She helps you understand what generates these and how to work with your “archetypes” or patterns of behaviour and energy centres, to align your personality with your spiritual or higher self.

Part 2 is about your soul’s journey, including a chapter on discovering your Soul’s purpose. This may be a phrase like “to be empowered” and is to do with qualities and principles rather than with a 3-D vocation or occupation. It could be a statement.

For example, mine may be “to rise above 3-D drama and to support and care for others, while looking after myself and being happy, through communication and relationships, which are based upon mutual understanding, patience, respect and encouragement.”

The author also talks about relationships and about bringing up children, losing weight and dealing with losses.

I really love her visualisations which get you to imagine a colour and then to say an invocation, and the word CLEAR out loud. For example, “Release Resistance.”

Even if you don’t have to read every chapter of this comprehensive book, the invocations at the beginning of the book are well worth taking screen-shots of or capturing into a document, for you to use daily or often!

The link below to Amazon shows the Table of Contents and the first few pages of the book. Enjoy!

The Secret of Life Wellness by Inna Segal

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