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The Magic Of Unicorns

In this book Diana explains that Unicorns manifested aeons ago as spiritual horses with spirals of white light from their foreheads

The Magic of Unicorns by Diana Cooper, reviewed by Celine Lai

Format: Paperback

Date of publication:  2020

Number of pages:  304

Genre: Self-help, Personal growth


I love this book! If you have ever been drawn to unicorns, and/or surrounded yourself with Unicorn things, then this book will interest you.

Diana Cooper is a wonderful, spiritual person, in touch with the etheric realms. In this book she explains that Unicorns manifested aeons ago as a spiritual horses with spirals of white light from their foreheads.

We are part of multi-dimensions of frequency or energy in all sorts of forms. This includes Unicorns as 7th dimensional beings.

The book covers the history of unicorns, attuning to unicorns and receiving signs from your personal unicorn. There are four parts, covering:

Chapter 1: An introduction to unicorns

Chapter 2: Unicorns and healing

Chapter 3: Unicorns, gems, and elixirs

Chapter 4: Unicorns and chakras

In this book, Diana also looks at the different types of spiritual helpers, i.e. guardian angels, dragons, and elementals. She explains that if you have a mission to be of service to God-source and humanity, that Unicorns see your beautiful bright light. They can be invoked to pour a blessing of healing or of hope and peace over yourself or another.

There are a lot of fantastic guided meditations in the book, which will connect you to unicorns for healing, information, or protection.

I began reading this book and soon after I was at a variety store. As soon as I walked in, the first thing that I saw on a shelf was a bag of Unicorn Party Favors! They were misplaced as they were on a shelf of other item types.

I took this as a sign from the spirit realms that Unicorns are with me, helping me with my mission. After trying out Diana’s meditations, I could sense the presence of 2 unicorns. One is smaller with a horn of pastel rainbow coloured sparkly light. The other is larger, with diamond-white energy/light radiating from the horn.

My unicorn party favors!

In Australia, the link to buy the book is below. You can look it up on your Amazon site or “google” it, if you want to. The Kindle edition is really inexpensive! Diana also has a set of Unicorn oracle cards for purchase.

Last but not least, I have written a little e-book about a rainbow Unicorn!!

If you would like to read it, please click here.

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