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A Journey Into Spiritual Wisdom

This book is a joy to read. If you are interested in the essence of a person, this book will help you.

A Journey Into Spiritual Wisdom: A Practical Guide to Navigating Your Inner Path” by Louise Zakrzewska, reviewed by Celine Lai

Format: Paperback

Date of publication:  2021

Publisher: Pecararo Sullivan Publishing Company

Number of pages:  134

Genre: Self-help, Personal growth, Spirituality


This little book is like a soothing and encouraging, trustworthy personal voice speaking directly to you! If you are at all interested in what makes up the essence of a person, to manifest from their true wisdom, this book may help you.

I like that the author, Louise, straightaway shows you that to get what you want from Life and overcome any difficulties, you MUST do the inner work. That means by yourself, by finding or experiencing the wisdom within.

Louise easily takes you through your spiritual journey as a deep exploration into your own mind, body and soul, to discover the truth of who you are.

Chapter One: Consciousness and Wisdom

Your environment is a perception of reality from a subjective point of view. You have a super-consciousness or a higher consciousness from which you can align with your Soul purpose.

Chapter Two: Shamanic Drum Circles

An exploration of your conscious awareness and subconscious mind, with a heightened state of consciousness possible. Theta waves are the pathway to the subconscious mind, and drumming can put you into this state.

Chapter Three: Different Planes of Existence

Ways in which you can connect to different planes of existence beyond the five physical sensory organs.

Chapter Four: Spiritual Transformation

More details about spiritual transformation to become the best version of yourself. Looks at dreams, prayers, astrology, meditation and healing circles.

Chapter Five: The Effects of Your Inner Self on Your Environment

How you attract situations and people with your thoughts. Overcoming limiting beliefs and having gratitude and using self-reflection help create the Life you want.

Chapter Six: Energy and How It Can Be Used For Healing

Examines the layers of energy around you, from Universal life force energy. Looks at the different ways that energy can be used for healing. Solfeggio frequencies at certain Hertz can help clear the energy field.

Chapter Seven: Wisdom is to Know Thyself

Explains how your vibrational frequency is based on what you think about. Detachment and embracing temporariness help you get through the tough times.

Chapter Eight: Higher States of Consciousness

Explains how you can reach the 4 higher states of consciousness.

Chapter Nine: Realising the True Self

Explores how God or Divine Self is known.

This book is a joy to read. It takes you progressively on a journey, each chapter reinforcing and building upon what you have already learned. The chapters have several Activities that you can follow, if you like.

The book is available from Amazon, the link to the Amazon Australia sales page follows.

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